Paul Cavaciuti | drummer, pianist, composer, teacher
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As a performer, I have always striven to be versatile, and a glance at my biography will, I hope, bear this out. Over the years, I have played most styles of music and enjoyed nearly all of them. These days I concentrate on jazz (of all types), latin music and, with my own band, what I would describe as acoustic fusion.

I am currently working regularly with the following groups and artists:

The David Gordon Trio
This extraordinary band has been together since 1995 and consists of myself on drums, David Gordon on Piano and Ole Rasmussen or Jonty Fisher on bass. The music is eclectic, with influences ranging from jazz to baroque to Celtic to funk and many more besides. We have several CDs out on the Zah Zah label. For more information, please go to the Trio website, which can be found on the links page.

The Pete Oxley/Nic Meier Quartetr
This is a contemporary fusion quartet featuring the stellar guitar playing of Pete Oxley and Nic Meier. Pete and Nic have toured successfully as a duo for several years. Nic also tours regularly as rhythm guitarist with Jeff Beck. Back in late 2013, we did a gig as a quartet, along with the amazing Raf Mizrachi on bass. We had so much fun that we decided to make it a regular unit. Our first CD will be coming out in October 2016 and the band already has several dates around the UK next year. Please check back to the gigs page for details.

The Hot Orange Big Band  
The Hot Orange Big Band is one of the most exciting big bands in the UK. Started by Trombonists Dave Hammer and Loose Tubes veteran, Richard Pyewell, the band concentrates on more contemporary literature from arrangers such as Bob Mintzer, Clare Fischer and Vince Mendoza, as well as older material from the likes of Duke Ellington and the Mingus Big Band, for whom Dave Hammer’s father was the arranger during the 1960s. 

Please see the links page for more details

The Cavaciuti Duo
This is a duo features my wonderful wife, the brilliant Nadine Andre, on piano. We play an eclectic mixture of music from about 1700 to 1940! The project features lots of Jazz and Ragtime, and Nadine and I frequently swap instruments. Most people are unaware that many of the great classical composers were also keen drummers, and the Duo features several famous Baroque and Classical piano masterpieces, now with their missing drum parts lovingly restored! We will be debuting our latest show, A Musician’s Guide to a Happy Marriage, next year (always assuming we’re still together, which after the last rehearsal….).

The Paul Cavaciuti Quartet
As the name implies, this is my band. I started it originally as a writing project. Nobody was writing or playing the kind of music that I really wanted to hear, so I thought I should do it myself! Above, I described the music as acoustic fusion, but it really represents an amalgam of the musics I love best, jazz, latin, late 19th and early 20th century classical music, blues and odd-meter fusion. If you’d like to sample some, please visit the sounds page; if you’d like to buy the CD, please email me at